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My first “beauty sponge”

And I even got 2!

If you asked me a couple years ago “Why don’t you try applying your foundation with a sponge?” I would of either replied with A– HOW CAN YOU USE A SPONGE?!, or B– I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO WEAR FOUNDATION! Seriously, once all the hype about the Beauty Blender hit my ears, I was nothing but stumped. How could a sponge do what a brush is supposed to? Also, wouldn’t a sponge be very dirty and prone to bacteria? Well, I never went down the Beauty Blender route (they sell in China, so I don’t consider them CF- since they also have a beauty blender soap in their line), but I ended up with the Real TechniquesMiracle Complexion Sponge‘.

I call this guy my lil’ carrot, because how can you NOT see it as one? If you’ve never used one before, you get the sponge wet under the faucet for about a minute, squeezing it to make sure water penetrates it completely. Then turn the water off, and squeeze out as much water as possible. From there, you just apply your foundation with a repetitive bouncing/tapping motion. This sponge in particular has a flat side to it, which makes it easier to get into certain areas (under the eyes and around the nose for me). You should wash this more regularly than a brush in my opinion because a lot can get stored more deeply in the brush, so just proceed with caution! It really isn’t too hard to wash, I used my Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap and can get my sponge pretty clean.

My verdict on this guy? I like to use it occasionally, but not every day. I do find that no mater how hard I squeeze, I cannot get enough water out of the sponge before applying, which results in my face feeling kind of wet as I dab and bounce this across my face when spreading out my foundation. I think it’s because of this that my foundation I use doesn’t come out as flawless as I like. I have had success when I apply my foundation with the “powder before foundation” technique. It sounds crazy, but I swear this gives me the best full-coverage application! Originally mentioned by Wayne Goss, I found out this method from Marianna’s Beauty Room , one of my favorite Youtube channel to watch. You should check out her tutorial , it’s really pretty easy to do and I think the result looks fantastic!

Have you tried using a beauty sponge before? Do you like the results? Any secret techniques you can share? Let me know in the comments!


P.S.- *cough cough* Don’t forget about the birthday contest *cough cough* deadline is Halloween! *COUGH COUGH NUDGE COUGH FREE STUFF COUGH COUGH WHEEEEEEEZE*


7 comments on “My first “beauty sponge”

  1. Marianna
    October 23, 2014

    Aww, thank you for the shoutout, Puri! I’m so happy this method works for you! Honestly, I’m a sponge convert at this point: I think I forgot how to use foundation brushes properly, because I just can’t get a finish as flawless as I do with a sponge. As far as breeding bacteria, I’m paranoid about that, so I actually wash it every single time after I use it. I think it’s easier that way too, because the foundation didn’t get dry and stain it at that point.

    • blushingbiddies
      October 23, 2014

      It’s gonna be really hard to break my love for brushes- I’ve just discovered the It Cosmetics “Live Beauty Fully Buffing Mineral Powder Brush #206” brush and it works BEAUTIFULLY with liquid foundation- I can only imagine it must be amazing with mineral foundation too, considering that’s what its for? Plus, they have a brush literally called the “Airbrush OMG! Foundation Brush”, so uhm… yeah I need to get my hands on that too LOL! Have you tried any from IT?

      • Marianna
        October 25, 2014

        Hmm… Haven’t tried any IT Cosmetics brushes yet, but I touch them like a creeper every time I see them at Ulta haha 🙂

      • blushingbiddies
        October 25, 2014

        They NEED to be touched, they are pretty fantastic! I have my eyes on just 2 more for Xmas :3

  2. carolinecocker
    October 23, 2014

    I keep a face cloth specifically for wringing out my cheapo beauty blender dupe. I just wrap the blender in the towel and squeeze – I think it gets more water out. I’ve also heard you can microwave them to really kill the bacteria but I don’t have a microwave so haven’t tried it myself x

    • blushingbiddies
      October 23, 2014

      The towel is a great tip, I never would of thought of that! Thanks soo much! ❤

  3. Recently became my absolutely favorite way to apply base!

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