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Orly: Star Trooper

I feel like I haven’t talked about nail polishes in a while, yeesh! I have plenty in my collection, but that’s just the problem- I’ve hauled too many recently and I’m really slow at going through them! >0< I think I bought this polish… 2 months ago? *shudders* That’s kind of embarrassing, but it’s the truth! The main reasons for adding this to my collection was, 1- the name, and my husband being a Star Wars nerd. It’s not storm trooper, but it’s close enough!

Reason #2 is because this item was tagged clearance at my local Sally’s Beauty supply during their “50% off clearance items” sale. So for $2, when it originally was $10.  Luckily for me this was part of Orly’s Spring 2014 collection, so out of season = savings! But enough sale bragging, let’s look at it on the nails!

This is it with 3 coats on, and you can still see through the base polish. Nothing wrong with that, I actually really like the look of this, but I would also highly suggest wearing this with a base coat too if you’re going for a more impactful opaque look. The good news too is that the glitter really wasn’t that much of a pain to get off either! Granted, I’m very guilty of just pulling my polish off in strips, especially if I’m in a bath ^^;; If you can’t tell from the swatch, Star Trooper is a sheer black jelly base with big pieces of silver glitter, medium pieces of white glitter, and small gold glitter. This is absolutely a unique polish in my collection, and I love it! It’s exciting, but still a neutral, in a weird way. I can’t wait to paint it on my nails again 😀




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