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My latest Geek Chic haul

Here’s another post full of visual goodies to please your poppers! The good news, everything was a home-run for me, I love how everything turned out! Let’s just dig on in-


blurry, but bear with me- the blue shift

… and the purple shift!

First up, from the Legendary Magic Knights Collection, I chose the shade ‘Forgiving Heart‘. “Forgiving Heart is a black jelly polish with blue to purple color shifting micro flakies and a wollop of holo micro shimmer! It’s like a galaxy in a bottle!” It was actually really hard for me to capture the purple to blue shift this polish has, but it’s stunning! Bonus point for not being a pain in the bum to remove too, yay!

L- dry, R- wet

Next is from the shadow line based off the movie/comic Guardians of the Galaxy. Although there are 6 shades total, I went with the most wearable color, “12% of a plan“. *continues to geek out uncontrollably* It’s a beautiful light pink-burgundy with a lot of sheen. Geek Chic’s site describes the color as “A pale taupe with a pink-red glow.”

L- dry, R- wet

L- dry, R-wet (you can see the big glitter pieces better)

really has a beautiful sheen to it

I think this is my favorite bit out of this mini haul, the monthly color made just for Halloween, in honor of Jack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas: “Pumpkin King“. The color is absolutely STUNNING, and surprisingly enough very easy to wear all over the lid, both in formula and color. I always prefer to apply these loose shadows on with a wet brush, not just for a secure application, but also to let the color really shine. “Pumpkin King is a plush blackened pumpkin orange shadow that dances with fiery copper shimmer and orange holo glimmer. Perfect for an Autumnal smoky eye to bewitch and beguile!” There are soo many ways you can wear this color- over the lid with either a brown, red, or orange along the crease. Also you can use a lighter color over the lid and use Pumpkin King to smoke out the corners of the eyes. Either way, this color is flippin’ fantastic and I would HIGHLY recommend getting this color before it’s not available anymore (pretty sure this color will be pulled after October 31st!). I only got a sample, but I think I’ll make it work throughout the autumnal months ahead, no problem.

Last but not least, this color should seem somewhat familiar if you watched my initial Geek Chic brand review video. “Angel of Thursday” is from the Superneutrals collection, which is just a little tongue-in-cheek name for their neutral line. Curious in what it it looks like? I swatched it in my video, but the site describes it as “a velvety greyed-taupe with a soft copper heat and subtle shimmer“. Extremely wearable, and I was soo smitten with my sample I knew I needed the full size!

I can’t wait to see what Geek Chic comes out with for November for their monthly item(s)- are you prepping your shopping cart with anything?

Geek Chic Cosmetics eyeshadows “12% of a plan” and “Angel of Thursday” full sized, $5.99; eyeshadow “Pumpkin King” sample size, $1.25; nail polish “Forgiving Heart”, $7.99- at


3 comments on “My latest Geek Chic haul

  1. Marianna
    October 31, 2014

    Can we talk about how adorable that kitty notebook is? Seriously!

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