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New Brush Round-Up

Behold, the newest brushes to add in with the rest of the bunch (lovingly stored in random mugs, because that’s just how I roll). I’ve had my eyes on both collections for quite some time, but the one that was the hardest to get was hands-down the Real Techniques set! We’ll get into that in a second, but first, let’s break it all down:

Real Techniques Limited Edition Nic’s Picks, $29.99

After all the hype and buzz from the PixiWoo sisters, I was more than ready to get my hands on their latest 5-piece set, the limited edition Nic’s Picks. After the success of the 6-piece Sam’s Picks, go figure Nic would get a say in her collection as well. Unlike the prior set (which pieces can be found in the current collections with the exception of one brush- the essential crease brush), Nic’s Picks is completely silver and has 3 brushes exclusively for this set- the cheek brush, the angled shadow brush, and the eyeliner brush. The only brush in this set that was a ‘repeat’ for me was the base shadow brush, but can you really have too many of those? I would love to break it down for you bit-by-bit, but my lovely blogger friend Brianna from Cruelty Free Me already did a flippin’ fantastic write-up of the set over on her blog, and I would highly suggest hopping over there to see how each brush performs and what it is best paired with.

As for the weird part- I don’t know if I’m just living under a rock, but this set specifically was EXTREMELY HARD to get my hands on! I live in the US, and from what I understand if you want to buy these in store you’re left with Kohl’s. Why? I have NO idea! It’s completely bizarre since Real Techniques brushes are sold in a ton of different places here in the states- Ulta, Target, Wal-Mart, etc etc. I was on the search for these for a month until I happened to find myself at a Kohl’s store and just happened to luck out. If you’ve had better luck than me, please leave it in the comments! Buying from Kohl’s isn’t such a bad option though- there are usually online coupons at that can apply, and I was able to get 20% off myself, woohoo!

The other two shiny brushes are from It Cosmetics from the line Live Beauty Fully, which is exclusively sold at Ulta and I’ve already fallen head-over-heels for the brand in general, but I think I’ve come to realize that their brushes are the best thing in their line! Yes, I even say that knowing they also carry the infamous Bye Bye Under Eye concealer, crazy right?

This brush is the Essential Concealer Brush #212, which the website describes as “small, firm, thin tapered paddle head allows precision application. “.  I can see this brush being used as a concealer brush, which is fine, but I also bought it under Tati’s advice (you know who I’m talking about, right? If you watch Youtube beauty gurus, you gotta know her!). She said it was also great as an eyeshadow brush. I think the size of it would be perfect, and considering the bristles are of synthetic hair, it would be great to use with wet eyeshadows. The Ulta website also describes this brush as “Brush was uniquely selected and designed to look and feel like an inspiring work of art.“, so immediately I thought of more than just concealer for this guy too. I’ll have to report back with my results though on the eyeshadow front, but it does work well for concealer. Maybe not a life-changing brush in that regard, but still works very well!


The other brush from It Cosmetics, and probably my most favorite brush in my ENTIRE brush collection, is the Buffing Mineral Powder #206 brush. You guys, if you take anything away from this long blog post, it’s this: THIS BRUSH IS AMAZEBALLS. Seriously, this brush does everything for my base. Mineral Powder? Like a boss! Powder foundation in general? Oh yeah, no sweat! Liquid foundation? Easy peasy! But April, the brush -clearly- says Mineral Powder. Oh yes it does, but this brush can do it all! I used to rely on my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush for my liquid foundation, but the #206 has easily kicked it to the curb. No longer do I have to be paranoid about any streaks skewed across my face, because you cannot fail with this brush in your hand. Oh, and a couple more kickers- this brush feels super plush and dense (It Cosmetics brushes have an incredibly high bristle count!), and it is so insanely soft. Imagine a little baby bunny’s tail, it’s that great. Plus PLUS the brush line Living Beauty Fully is especially amazing because for every brush purchased, It Cosmetics will donate a brush “to the Look Good, Feel Better® program to help women face the effects of cancer with more confidence. I love putting my dollar to a good cause, and it’s just a bonus when a brush is soo good to begin with.

in comparison to the Real Techniques Expert Face brush- the It brush definitely is wider/denser/softer


in comparison to the flat shade brush from Too Faced- more tapered, not as fluffy on the end

I have my eyes on more It Cosmetics brushes, but I probably won’t get my hands on any more till next year. Seriously y’all, my wallet is sobbing, I need to let it recover. It’ll be sooooo worth it though! ❤

Real Techniques limited edition “Nic’s Picks” brush set, appx. $30; khol’s,

IT Cosmetics brushes,  “Essential Concealer Brush #212” ($22), Buffing Mineral Powder #206($30); available only at Ulta stores and


5 comments on “New Brush Round-Up

  1. briannafee
    November 7, 2014

    Ahh thank you for the shout out! You are so lovely! And I’ve been having the hardest time tracking down It Cosmetics in Canada, I wonder if they’re an Ulta exclusive?

    • blushingbiddies
      November 8, 2014

      You’re soo welcome- you did a great post, and it deserves to be read more! ❤ And it's weird bc I didn't find the Nic's Picks at Ulta, I found them at Kohl's! They don't even have them as an option on the Ulta website! Very confused about the whole thing, blargh!

  2. One Lost Mama
    November 7, 2014

    I had my hands on that RT Set at Ulta today, but I put it back, because I didn’t actually need it…being practical is no fun.

    • blushingbiddies
      November 8, 2014

      The Nic’s Picks were at Ulta? I went into Ulta sooo many times and they never had it, what in the world?! LOL I’m so confused! I can totally see it being put aside if you don’t need those brushes, but for me the duo-fiber and the cheek brush kinda put me over the edge. Well, that and the base shadow brush would just be my backup- never can have too many of those!

      • One Lost Mama
        November 8, 2014

        Yes, but they weren’t in the brush section at my Ulta. They were on a random aisle with nail polish. It made no sense why they were in that spot. I will probably go back and get it, because I really really want it and for all the reasons you listed. I may just have to wait until next pay day 😉

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