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This week’s brand focus: the Balm


-image from theBalm

This week we’re diving into another brand focus with the Balm cosmetics. 2014 marks their 10 year birthday, as the brand was founded by Marissa Shipman in 2004, in the simplest of places as her own kitchen. She basically worked from the ground up by ordering books off Amazon that taught her how to make makeup. As time progressed, she gathered a team (including a chemist!), created a variety of products, and launched her website. Things you may not have noticed: the Balm is paraban free, and their blushes and shadows are made without talc. They are not 100% vegan, as some products may contain beeswax or carmine. They do claim to be cruelty free, but actually are not listed on either PETA or Leaping Bunny’s cruelty free companies list, which is a bit disheartening. I went into a little more research and was prepared to write an email to the company myself, when I fell upon this blog entry from Camila of Humanely Chic. To summarize:

  • the Balm is a privately owned company (no parent company)
  • they don’t sell in China/ don’t test raw or final products on animals
  • they are supposedly working on becoming certified with Leaping Bunny (as of August 2013…*cough*)

All of this looks pretty good, except for the fact that they’re still trying to become certified by Leaping Bunny. Which is a little hard to understand why since Milani just got their certification after a little kerfuffle around May or June this year. So what can we do? I highly suggest writing an email to their customer service at asking about their progress with their Leaping Bunny certification. For example, I’m writing an email that looks like this:

“Hello, I am a cruelty free shopper that has an interest in your brand. However, it would be reassuring to know that you are certified by a third party about your cruelty free status, such as with Leaping Bunny. Leaping Bunny is pretty much the “A+” badge for cruelty free shoppers, and it let’s us buy products with confidence. I was able to find some information online that the Balm was looking into becoming certified with Leaping Bunny back in August 2013, but has any progress been made? I really hope the brand is moving in that direction! It’s really appreciated if you are against animal testing!”

Even though a brand isn’t Leaping Bunny certified doesn’t mean they aren’t cruelty free. Yet with the Balm’s success and availability, I think it’s about time they took a step in that direction. They do have a lot of options- cosmetics, nail polish, skin care AND hair care! I have 4 different products (3 posts) I have lined up for your viewing pleasure- any guesses? Or fan-favorites? I hope you all will enjoy what’s coming up!


One comment on “This week’s brand focus: the Balm

  1. carolinecocker
    November 10, 2014

    I’m guessing…Mary-Lou luminizer, the nude-tude palette aaaaand….a lipgloss. Keep meaning to try the balm and then forgetting. Fail.x

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