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Bite Beauty Holiday picks

If you’re a fan of Bite Beauty, you know around the holiday season they bring out an amazing line of deluxe samples and goodies. For 2014 they again released a great variety, both in singles and in packs, and I’m happy to report to you all about 3 different ones. Yes, 3, I have another one after these first too I ended up purchasing a little later, hehe! Unfortunately I didn’t grab the huge Bite Beauty Mix N’ Mingle Set because I would of just had too many repeat colors along with more vibrant colors I wouldn’t reach for, so I went for other some sets instead. Let’s jump on in!

L- Scarlet; R- Poppy ((L= 1 swipe, R = 3 swipes)


First up is one of the singular Mix N’ Mingle Lip Mini with their Luminous Lipsticks Scarlet and Poppy. Usually Bite Beauty has this set-up in just 2 different color pairings at the impulse buy section in-store, but for the holiday season they release a lot more color and formula options (Luminous Crème Lipstick Duo, Lush Fruit Lip Gloss, and Matte Crème Lip Crayon). I was really drawn in by the deep, dark colors of these two. For $12 each, it’s pretty much a great deal to try a different color knowing you’re getting the same great Bite Beauty formula- resveratrol, Manuka honey, and food grade quality ingredients. Poppy is a beautiful bright, perky red color. It just screams Christmas to me in the most perfect of ways. Scarlet is a deeper burgundy- not too dark and vampy, but perfect for the Autumn season, and definitely a great color to have in your collection.



Next up is one out of the three Holiday sets Bite Beauty released for this year- the Lip Love Kit. As the title suggests, this kit focuses more on giving your lips a little TLC. It includes 2 Lush Lip Wipes (I haven’t tried these out yet, but I’ve heard that these are great for when you need to remove a long-lasting formula from your lips), a mini Agave Lip Mask, a Whipped Cherry lip scrub, and a BB Lip Tint in the shade Tawny.

Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub

The Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub was definitely something that caught my eye, as I wanted to compare it to my beloved Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub. I think the formula between these two are completely different, and should be used for two different situations. The Lush lip scrubs are great when you have flaky lips but healthy skin underneath. You can scrub away those nasty flakes with the larger sugar granules inside and then follow up with a moisturizer immediately. On the other end of the spectrum though, the Bite Beauty Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub is a heck of a lot softer/gentler/ not nearly as abrasive. If anything, the mini scrub-bits are almost lost in the moisturizing creme. Thus I think this formula would be best if you applied the creme on your lips first and let it set on your lips- after a few minutes of letting it do it’s magic, then go into scrubbing what you can away. Oh, and did I mention the scent? It smells so amazingly on-point to an actual cherry, it’s absolutely divine!

Last up in the kit is the BB Lips in Tawny. I haven’t tried any of the BB lips yet, and this was a pleasant surprise. Granted, you’re not getting a ton in color pigmentation, but the formula feels fantastic on the lips. The color description Bite Beauty provides for Tawny is “a dusty pink”, but this definitely leans towards an orange hue for me. Just a couple swipes of this across my lips and they feel moisturized and look soo healthy.

Tawny (on the R end- very sheer)

BB Lips – Tawny


just when you thought I was done

I couldn’t help myself to another one of the Mix N’ Mingle Lip Mini Luminous Lipsticks, this time snatching up the color combo Retsina/Musk. This is definitely their most “neutral” combo in their color options. Retsina is a true nude with a slight lean towards peach, where Musk is closer to a light pink-brown.





L- Retsina; R- Musk (L= 1 swipe, R = 3 swipes)

I think I would enjoy Restina more if the color of my lips didn’t show through underneath- maybe I need to put foundation over my lips before application? If you have any tips or experience wearing this color, I’d love to hear your thoughts! All in all, I think I got some great grabs from the Holiday collection. Have you picked up anything? I’d love to talk with you all about it in the comments! ❤

Bite Beauty Mix N’ Mingle Lip Mini Luminous Lipsticks, $12; available at Sephora and

Bite Beauty Lip Love Kit, $36; available at Sephora and\

P.S.: Even though I purchased these in late October/early November, Logical Harmony just posted an article about how Bite Beauty was recently acquired by Kendo . *BIG DISAPPOINTED SIGH* So far there hasn’t been any news about changes to their animal testing policies- they are Leaping Bunny certified, and have not been removed yet. Hopefully we’ll all stay on our toes for the latest news, but I’ve already emailed customer service in hopes on getting more up to date information on things. You’ll hear it from me if they’re no longer cruelty free.



9 comments on “Bite Beauty Holiday picks

  1. annie'sbeauty...
    November 23, 2014

    They look spectacular! And everybody says that they’re such great quality! Xx

  2. Lindsay
    November 23, 2014

    The duos are such a great value, but I wish they didn’t break so easily. I only bought one and one side broke immediately even though I barely pressed it on my lips. So odd. I kind of steer away from the duos now since I had that experience, but can’t deny they are an awesome price. Let me know if you have any issues with these new ones, maybe I’ll give them another shot!

  3. sweetsomethings13
    November 24, 2014

    These look so lovely! Musk and Scarlet really stood out to me and look really complimentary on you (going by your lip swatches!).
    Rachill //

    • blushingbiddies
      November 26, 2014

      I’m so impressed with how much I like Scarlet- thanks for your kind words 😀

  4. One Lost Mama
    November 24, 2014

    I was so bummed when I saw on Logical Harmony that they were bought out! GGRRR!! I’m hoping that like Tarte, they will keep their cruelty free status.

  5. Dream & Scheme
    May 29, 2015

    I’m definitely coveting Bite Beauty! Their colors are leaving me swooning. I think Poppy would be beautiful for the warmer months as I tend to gravitate towards brighter red and pinks during this time.

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