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Flashback to Too Faced 2013 Holiday goodies

This week’s brand focus is all about one of my favorite brands, Too Faced. Since I mentioned spotting some of these 2013 holiday kits at Nordstrom Rack in a recent blog post, I thought it was relevant enough to do a blog post about the ones I hauled! Also, it was good motivation to start using these again, hehe! Brace yourselves, this is a super long and picture-heavy post, as I’ll be diving into 3 different kits.

Shadows Row 1

Shadows Row 2

blush, lip gloss, bronzer

A better look at how frosty and light the gloss is

The first kit is the most portable of the bunch, the super-compact Glamour to Go palette. This would be perfect for any short-term trip, as it’s so small it can fit in the palm of your hand. It  would be even more perfect in your purse or overnight bag. The entire black casing is made with a very strong, protective plastic, yet is decorated in such a cute and feminine style. On the top layer you have a substantial mirror (not those wacky circus-shape-changing ones) and 8 eye shadows. Only 1 of the 8 shadows has glitter (the top right one), and honestly I think that shadow is slightly a dud. But the other 7 are either a matte or a subtle shimmer-sheen, and are absolutely wearable. Then on the bottom pull-out drawer you get a blush, a gloss, and a bronzer. The blush is a easy to wear peachy-pink, where the gloss is a very pale pink with a very strong frosty sheen. Then there is the bronzer, which is the only thing I’m slightly hesitant about in this palette because it looks soo warm and orange y. You’d definitely need a light hand to use this powder, and would be wise to not attempt any sort of contouring with it. All in all, I am really happy to have this palette, and plan on bringing this on my trip back home next month.

La Creme lipstick in “Believe”

Next up is the All I Want For Christmas kit, which is multitude of different products all stored within an adorable makeup bag. Aside from the bag you get 5 products: a full-sized La Creme lipstick in the holiday exclusive color Believe, a full-sized Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer, a blush/eyeshadow compact, a sample Perfect Eyes black eyeliner, and a sample Lash Injection mascara. I think out of the three kits, this is my favorite! I’m already a huge fan of the La Creme lipsticks, and the shade Believe has made itself a happy home in my lipstick collection. It’s so comfortable to wear, easy to apply, and just a beauty to behold! The Shadow Insurance primer has kicked my beloved e.l.f. eyelid primer to the curb, and I feel like I’ll be using the same tube for the next year because a little goes a long long way. The Perfect Eyes black liner is no joke- super opaque, very creamy, and is pretty much up there with the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On liners. As for the compact, it really breaks down what the “necessities” are, but I’m a-okay with that. The blush is such an amazingly rich, warm pink/peach, and the bolder eyeshadow of the two is right up there with the same “warm-ness”, but shifting towards a beautiful copper hue. You might think the pale white-creme shadow is a dud, but you can still create a beautiful eye look with the duo, whether you focus it all over the lid and accent with the warm copper/bronze, or let the copper/bronze do the talking and just highlight with the white/creme. The only product I haven’t tested out in the kit is the mascara, because honestly- I hate eye-torture. I love the look that it gives, but I just hate messing with anything that’s THAT close to my eyeball. Have you tried the Lash Injection formula? What do you think?

all the swatches!

Row 1- Cookie Dough (a warm carmel brown matte), Cheers! (a pink with peach shimmer), and Prancer (a very warm orange brown with gold glitter)

Row 2- Sugar Plum (a deep plum with gold glitter), Mulberry (a muted purple/brown matte), and Snow Angel (a white-creme matte)

Row 3- Powdered Sugar (a super pale pink matte), Too-Too (a medium vibrancy pink with pink glitter), and Yule Log (a deep brown with gold glitter)

Row 4- Chestnut (a warm medium brown with super subtle glitter), Twinkle (a dark tarnished gold shimmer), and Joy (a medium pale blue shimmer- think Elsa, lol)

Row 5- Spike the Punch (a frosty pink with silver glitter), Chimney (a muted blue-grey that livens up with it’s subtle sheen), and Coal (a matte black)

Last but certainly not least is the Joy to the Girls eyeshadow palette. Inside this adorably cute blue and gold cardboard casing are 15 shadows, a full-sized LashGASM mascara (again, haven’t tried this- I’m horrible I know!), and 3 eyeshadow looks posted under the palette lid. There are a mix of mattes, sheens, and glitters (which seem to be the patchiest). Overall the quality is pretty nice, with the sheens coming out on top in soft buttery-goodness. My favorite colors out of the bunch are Chestnut, Chimney, and Sugar Plum. What I like soo much about this palette is that you absolutely can create a lot of looks from it, since there is a great variety not just in shadow type but also in color range. Plus, these colors aren’t just seasonal shades, you can really reach for this palette all year long.

So there you have it! If you do spot any of these at your local Nordstrom Rack, I’d love to hear about it! Plus, you might want to keep your eyes peeled on the Too Faced website for Black Friday- according to Phyrra’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday guide , they’ll have “On Nov. 29-30 get $10 off of $60, $15 off of $75, $20 off of $100 and 50% off of sale items. On Cyber Monday Dec. 1, 50% off sale items plus a mystery grab bag for $35.”. Right now it shows these items in their sale section, although they are sold out. But who knows, maybe they’ll get more stock once Black Friday/Cyber Monday hits? Or check out Nordstrom Rack on BF, there may be extra savings that day too.




2 comments on “Flashback to Too Faced 2013 Holiday goodies

  1. Kaily
    November 24, 2014

    I’m in desperate want with this lot lol. Ugh, I’ve got one more NR around me to check before I will accept defeat! Great post 🙂

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