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My 2 Too Faced Bronzers

Huzzah, this is the last post about Too Faced for the brand focus! We’re going out with a bang, focusing all about bronzers. One of these is the oldest item in my makeup collection, and the other was a lucky item I won in a giveaway- any guesses which is which? If you’re familiar with the packaging for bronzers for Too Faced, you’ll probably notice that the Pink Leopard is one from a long long LONG long time ago. I’m talking maybe… 2008? Just let that sink in for a second. Now-a-days, all the bronzers are packaged in the same round style as the one on the left is, which inside is the Chocolate Soleil bronzer.

L- Pink Leopard, R- Chocolate Soleil

With the old cardboard packaging, they also included one of those mini-brushes, which really wasn’t very impressive. I think Too Faced made a step in the right direction with the uniform, classier plastic packaging they’re using now. Don’t get me wrong though, the Pink Leopard bronzer is easily one of my holy grail products. Because of it’s pink shimmer, I use this more for blush than bronzing, but I’m not afraid to take this up my cheekbone and on the sides of my temples. There is something about this color that just brings life to my skin! If I’m stumped as to what blush I want to use, it’s usually a tie between this and my Charlotte TilburyFirst Love“, where Pink Leopard usually wins 2 out of 3. As for the Chocolate Soleil, at first I was terrified to use this! My problem was I kept looking at this color and thought I had to use it for contouring (which you CAN if you want to), but contouring and bronzing are two different things. Once I applied it as a bronzer just to bring some color into my skin, I realized how easy this was to blend. Sure, you’re still trying to target under the cheekbones, along the temples, and maybe so far as around the jawline, but it’s more for just some extra radiance into the skin. Don’t worry, the color isn’t super pigmented so you don’t have to be paranoid about needing a light hand for application. Although the swatch may seem a little warm, this color does not appear orange on the skin (also why it would be better as a bronzer rather than a contour). I’m getting the hang of using this with a flat angled stippling brush, but if you have any suggestions for applying bronzer, I’m all ears!  Have you tried either of these out? Or have you tried one of their others? They have a total of 8 different bronzers in their collection- I would be very interested to try Snow Bunny and see how it compares to Pink Leopard!

Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer and Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, $30 each; available at Sephora,,,, Ulta and


4 comments on “My 2 Too Faced Bronzers

  1. Marianna
    December 6, 2014

    I love the Chocolate Soleil bronzer (I use the Milk Chocolate shade though, the original is too dark for me). I actually don’t have any issues contouring with it, since even though I’m pretty pale, I have warm undertones.

    • blushingbiddies
      December 23, 2014

      Good to know about the contouring! I’m still such a newb to it, but I’ve gotten my hands on a product from Becca that I’m REALLY enjoying <3<3 Also, just ordered Too Faced's Snow Bunny because…well… I'm a shop-a-holic LOL

  2. Catherine Dream
    December 7, 2014

    It’s beautiful! I seriously want one now.

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