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My Go-To Eye Brushes

I’m picking my most reached for, top-of-the-top, FAVORITE eye brushes today. Some of these were unexpected, and some were fan favorites. Let’s get into the picks and the reasons why!

From left to right:

– random generic short-flat headed brush: I think I got this from Forever 21, right when I was starting to get into makeup. The pack was cheap, it seemed to get the job done, and it was a great learning tool to start from. But then with all the research came all the different brands, styles, shapes, colors, materials- WHEW talk about being overwhelmed! Soon this set was pushed far far farrrr into the back burner, and I never reach for it. That is, until the fated day where I attempted loose pigment shadows. I’m telling you, a simple flat-headed brush like this is PERFECTION for applying loose eye shadow on WET.

a view from the front to show how thin it is

Real Techniques detail brush: This is hands down, the most perfectly small brush head I’ve been able to find. I love adding some sort of dark depth to my outer V, and this brush does it without breaking a sweat. The bristles are firm, it can hold onto pigment well, and places it down to the eye just as well. It’s as simple as that!

Real Techniques base shadow brush: Another fan favorite, this brush is just perfect for applying color all over the lid. It has some fluffiness to it, which lets it latch onto the powder, plus it can blend out edges decently. I think the main reason why I like this one soo much is because of it’s shape. It’s just the perfect size to apply all over the lid with one dip into your powder. Plus, even though the bristles are synthetic, they do NOT feel harsh on the skin at all.

100% Pure ‘Countour Brush #5’: If by contour, they mean crease, then I agree! This was a completely unexpected surprise when I first purchased this brush. After everyone and their brother on Youtube raved (and still does) about the MAC #217, I knew I had to find a cruelty free dupe. I just happened to notice 100% Pure had a brush with a similar shape when I was shopping in their store here in Seattle, and decided to put it to the test. Homan- yes, yes, and more yes! This is easily the softest eye brush I have in my entire collection, it grabs onto just enough product, and blends like a dream! I’m considering getting a second one, just to play with crease colors a bit more. Out of all of these, this is my #1 recommendation.

Real Techniques deluxe crease brush: This brush is my most unexpected love affair. I’m saying it loud and proud, I am in LOVE with this brush! At first it terrified me- the width the hairs cover is huge, and I had no idea how this would be great for fitting in my crease. I don’t use it to apply color to my crease though- my secret is I use it to blend out the top of my crease for a seamless transition into my skin color. It. IS. PERFECTION. I think I get compliments from you all on how my eyeshadow looks soo well done -just- because this brush is doing all the work. I’ve also read in the comments that this is just a great buffing brush for applying concealer- so a 2-in-1 beauty right here! This is my #2 recommendation!

So dense- SOO FLUFFY!

That wraps it up- see anything familiar in my picks? Or maybe one that’s peaked your interest? Let me know in the comments! 😀



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