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LUSHin’ In My Shower

My whole cruelty free love affair started with LUSH, and it’s still going on strong. Granted, I’m not buying every product under the sun (especially bath products, because my tub is just TOO SMALL harrumph). Yet when it comes to products I can use in the shower, you know I’m gonna have at least one thing on shower ledge. I do feel a little guilty that two of these products are limited edition, but they ARE available right now- so I would highly suggest popping into your closest store and giving them a whiff/demo/all your feels.

First up is the Rose Jam shower gel, and this is hands down both my favorite scent AND favorite product in the store. Rose Jam is a scent that seems to have really taken off in the last couple of years, and has grown a huge cult fandom, me included. You can find it in Ro’s Argon Body Conditioner, Rose Jam bubbleroon, and the Sparkler bath bomb. The best way to describe the scent is a sweet rose that’s intensified ever to slightly with a lemon punch. Yes, rose + lemon = the most amazing scent you’ll ever smell. Not only is the scent amazing, but the formula of this shower gel has amazing lather PLUS it truely hydrates your skin. The 500g/16.9 fl oz. is the largest size they carry, and I’m maybe 75% through my bottle I purchased last year during the holidays. As long as you mix it up with other shower gels in your collection, it’s definitely worth it’s money.

Next up is another shower gel, a limited edition that popped up this season, So White. Originally just a bath bomb, LUSH decided to put the same amazing scent into a shower gel this year with a subtle extra- a super slight shimmer in the formula! It’s not something that remains on the skin after the shower, but it’s just a fun extra flair. What won me over for picking up some of this was the scent- such an amazingly crisp, clean, pure apple scent. No extra spices or distractions- just imagine cutting into a green granny smith apple, and you have the scent for So White. While the scent is amazing, the formula is slightly lacking in my opinion. You need a little extra to build a good lather, and it does not leave any hydration on the skin once you step out of the shower. I’m happy I have it for the fragrance, but I probably won’t be scrambling for a back-up once the holidays are over.

Bring up the end of the shower-trio is a cult classic, Ocean Salt. LUSH advertises this as a cleanser, but I mainly use it for it’s exfoliating purposes. Those with sensitive skin proceed with caution- this product pacts a punch with varying sizes of sea seal for a physical exfoliate, along with a combination of lime and vodka to clear away oil and combination skin problem woes away. It’s not all that tough though- housing all the “harsher” ingredients is a combination of avocado butter and coconut oil/”fat”, which keeps the skin hydrated and calm. I used to use this as a cleanser on my face, but with the salt granules being as abrasive as they are, I now use this as an exfoliate for my under-arms because my deodorant is THAT darn strong. I also like to use this on any bits on my body that has acne. Just another word of warning- do NOT let this get in your eyes, it will burn like no other. Again, proceed with caution, but it’s just so lovely! Oh, and the scent is like you’re on a tropical island, with the lime taking the reigns. No complaints here!

The two shower gels are limited edition for the holiday season, so be weary about the window of availability if you are interested in picking these up. As for Ocean Salt- that’s in the store 24/7, and the creators have recently released a new formulation that has -no preservatives-, which is amazing! Have you tried any of these? What are you stacking up in your shower?


2 comments on “LUSHin’ In My Shower

  1. bscartabello
    December 11, 2014

    Thanks for your review! I was putting together my Christmas list for my mom and was on LUSH last night browsing – now I HAVE to have the rose jam shower gel!! 😀

    • blushingbiddies
      December 23, 2014

      If you haven’t gotten your hands on any by now, I’d HIGHLY reccomend shopping the day after Xmas (Boxing Day)- it’s the 1 day out of the year that Lush will actually do a sale! ❤

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