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Do you want a piece of Heaven or Hell?

Have you heard about Ardency Inn yet? I didn’t even know about them until the name popped up on both Phyrra‘s blog, and then one of Tati’s (GlamGuru) videos. Then to wrap it up, Ashley (makeupTIA) talked about a color too, and I knew I had to get my hands one one. But 1 turned into 2- you know how a beauty addict’s math skills are. Although the talk-of-the-town was Peacock, I wanted to stock up on colors I thought were more wearable, and ended up with Heaven and Hell. I’m pretty sure you can guess which color is which just by the names, right?

(Okay, I just wanted Hell at first, but then when I noticed there was another -wearable- color called Heaven, how could I fight that? I couldn’t, that’s the answer.)

Heaven isn’t an extremely unique color, but it’s still pretty none the less. A light metallic gold, I can’t imagine anyone saying they couldn’t wear this. On to the star of the show though, Hell is a beautiful “pearl brown-grey” with a unique red undertone. You can’t really see the amazing warm red tone unless you blend it out, but that just makes this shadow even more amazing, as you can get away with one shadow for an eye look with depth. Just apply onto the lid, and blend out the outer corners into the crease for a look I’d wear any time of the year. I also think this color would be extremely on-trend with Pantone’s color-of-the-year, paring this eye look with a Marsala-colored lipstick. Oh yes, I’ve died and gone to… Hell?

Also- magnets are fun! XD

There are 12 shades in total for Ardency Inn’s MODSTER Manuka Honey shadows, with a good range of neutrals to some really extreme in-your-face shades (take a look at Punch and Tangerine, those take some real guts to wear!). As for the formula, these shadows are insanely buttery, and super pigmented.  Sephora’s site claims “Superior color payoff is achieved through sky-high levels of pigments reaching up to 78 percent depending on the shade. High-grade silicon waxes provide ultralong-lasting wear, even without an eye primer.”. If you have slightly hooded eyes like me though- you’ll definitely need some primer. It’s worth it though!

So the question still remains- Heaven or Hell?

Ardency Inn MODSTER Manuka Honey Enriched Pigments “Heaven” and “Hell”, $21; available at and


5 comments on “Do you want a piece of Heaven or Hell?

  1. suesuzzz
    December 24, 2014

    omg … love both so much… I would have to have both as well…

  2. MarthasMakeup
    December 24, 2014

    Hell, but it would be tough and I’d probably just get both, ha.

  3. Lindsay
    January 2, 2015

    I have to run away from this display every time I’m in Sephora. The shadows are SO pretty, but I can’t with those prices!

    • blushingbiddies
      January 2, 2015

      you HAVE a display?! LUCKY! I went just off the internet hype, silly me, LOL!

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