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January FsRCs

Well lookie here, another FsRCs, and it’s NOT in video form! *gasp!* To be honest, I’ve been busy/sick/not 100% motivated on all things beauty for the month of January, and the amount of favs show for it. I think I was still exhausted from December antics, and just did not care too much about having all the bells and whistles. As long as I could wash my face, moisturize my skin (this was actually a little extra flair, a “whistle” even), and keep my lips from being super chapped, I was a happy camper. Not familiar with some of these products? Well, let’s just dive right in:

I was tempted to put in my Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser back in with this month, but I already gave it some TLC in last month’s FsRCs. So I thought I should mention my other face-washing product I’ve been reaching for, my Apivita 3 in 1 Cleansing Milk. For the record, I -really- love Apivita products, and I wish they would hit the states because I think they would have a decent following. I actually got this back when I was living in Hong Kong, and it just stayed in my ridiculously large stash of too-much-skincare after using it only a handful of times. I’m trying to keep the mentality of “Project Pan”, AKA- use your stuff up, in mind and before I buy anymore skincare products I just need to use what I have! Anyways, this stuff is simple and sweet. It’s a cleansing cream, very mild, smells amazing, and can take off any light amount of makeup you have on. Mind you I’ve been sticking to really basic and simple makeup if I wore any at all in January, so this was right up my street. I just take 5-6 pumps of this in my hand, apply directly over my skin before washing, and massage to loosen up makeup and remove the initial amount of gritty gunk on my face. I still follow up with a second cleanse after using this (unless it was a no-makeup day, then I can use this and go straight to my toner). It’s taken the place of my facial wipes as well as my LUSH Ultrabland, because it’s the perfect balance of keeping clean and not stripping my skin. Highly recommend this if you have sensitive, dry skin, and you use very minimal makeup (nothing that’s waterproof/smudgeproof).  The other product shouldn’t be too unfamiliar in it’s signature black-pot form, but it’s a product I haven’t every mentioned on this blog before: LUSH’s Lovely Jubblies cream. First off, I know I know- let’s get all the giggles out of the way, it CLEARLY says ‘breast cream’! Moving on from that, this product is so lovely!! I don’t use this all over my skin, just on the areas I want to feel extra soft, smooth, and -hopes- of being tightened. Yes, I am not actually sure if this has done any tightening for my skin, but I can love it for it’s other perks. This has such a lovely, soft lily fragrance that smells natural and in no-way overpowering. I apply it around my under-arms (not my arm-puts, but the skin around it on my torso, as well as under my arms), chest, neck, and yes, the jubblies. It’s not a heavy formula, but the cream is rich, and keeps your skin moisturized and feeling super smooth. It’s just that step in my routine after I take a shower that I look forward to! I’ve been inspired to use this the same way I was with my Apivita cream- I simply have too many products that I have collected and hoarded, but haven’t actually put to good use. 2015 is the year of using up all my stuff, gosh-darnitt!

Next up, I didn’t really discover or use much of anything else religiously in regards to makeup except these two lippies. They’re just lip tints, not even full-fledged lipsticks! Out of these two, the one I used the most is the Bite Beauty BB for Lips in Tawny. This was part of a holiday kit I picked up in December, and I honestly didn’t think I would use it that much. It just has a hint of color, more towards the peachy-orange warm side, but once applied over the lips it actually looks rather flattering. Plus, it’s very moisturizing, and doesn’t look bad on chapped lips (which was me when I had my cold, harrumph!). Some days I couldn’t find it, so I reached for another lip tint, the French Girl Mineral Lip Tint in Cerise. This leans more towards red, but not as strong as the bullet shows. It’s also not as creamy as the Bite Beauty one, but it still was a good balance of moisturizing/keeping moisture -in-/color. I got mine from a month with Petit Vour, and I’m happy to see I’m still reaching for it.

Tawny on the top, Cerise on the bottom

As for the other sections I usually do in my FsRCs- my Rage is simple and sweet, getting SICK. UGH! This one caught me by surprise, and came at the worst possible time with my work schedule. I managed to get through it, and right at the end I was given a gracious 3-day break off so I can truly get some rest and relaxation. It did effect my usual blogging/ Youtube making, so I apologize for my lack-of stuff lately. That, combined with my husband getting a job from home that requires him to be on the computer does make it a little more confusing in managing time between each other, but we’ll get the hang of it sooner than later! As for Craves, I’m trying to be good and keep myself from shopping around too much, but it’s hard to keep up with beauty blogs and not find an item you’ll soon want! I’m going to leave this segment empty, in hopes that I’ll have a reasonable wish-list for my birthday in March =(^_^)=.

So there you have it! Hopefully I wasn’t too ranty, but I’m going to keep this blog-format in mind for future FsRCs that have 4 items or less, just because it makes life a little easier 😉 Plus, that means something more exciting over on my Youtube page, yay! Did you find any goodies in January? Or are you already ready for what February holds?


2 comments on “January FsRCs

  1. annie'sbeauty...
    February 3, 2015

    I love Apivita too! Some of their products work for me and some don’t! But generally, it’s a pretty decent natural brand! 😘 Annie

  2. suesuzzz
    February 8, 2015

    thank you for sharing again… I’M going to have to try a lot more things out that you recommend…I think I need to look into that lush company as well. I have very dry skin all over due to lupus and such I’m using a lotion “cream” its otc you can buy anywhere creve I believe the name of it and it does a good job but need a lil more than that… I just have to wait till the cash flow is better and the bills are down lol… I hope that you are feeling much better and getting some much needed rest… You rock at what you do and I always look forward to your blogs…hang in gurl… Suzette

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