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Mani Round-Up #7

You know the drill- pictures of my nails, let’s get into this!

Deborah Lippmann “Across the Universe” (just… can’t get enough of this polish, SO stunning!)

Zoya- “Evvie” (<3<3<3)

Butter London “Lady Muck” (LOVE LOVE LOVE! Blue with golden shimmer, PERFECT!)

Butter London- “Tramp Stamp” (I don’t know about you guys… but I’m not 100% in love with the formula of this color. Hmm…. :/)

Black Cat Lacquer- “Aquarius” (ugh so sorry about this photo! I took it at work and didn’t want to look vain in front of anyone LOL- another pic below)

again, Black Cat Lacquer- “Aquarius” (I’m not the biggest fan of this, the formula is kinda thick/clumpy/hard to work with. It’s more of a purple gel, not black, this is just horrible lighting )

Black Cat Lacquer- “Scorpio” (can you tell I’m loving ANYTHING to do with horoscopes? Not a great photo, at work again, but I like this polish much better. Shimmery dual-toned polish that just looks fun on the nails)

Looking back at these manicures, I’m inspired to do SOME FLIPPIN VARATIONS OF COLOR. Ugh!! Sometimes 1-color manicures can just get soo “old”, I need some spice! Hopefully this will actually show in my next mani round-up <3<3


One comment on “Mani Round-Up #7

  1. Lindsay
    February 4, 2015

    Your caption from Black Cat Laquer just made me think “You’re so vainnnn…. you probably think I’m taking photos for my bloggg.. Don’t you? Don’t you?”

    Anywayyy…. That Deborah Lippman 😮 SO beautiful! I keep wondering why I don’t have a single polish from that brand!
    And, I really love Lady Muck. It looks totally boring in the bottle, but I love the color on my nails.

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