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Empties #6

I swear I’ll stop mentioning moving very soon, but this empties was inspired by….you guessed it, MOVING! There was no chance in Hades I was going to carry my makeup trash with me to a new place a half an hour away, so I took snapshots of everything and decided to share the news with you all. Also, I’ve added in some products that aren’t necessarily empty, but I just don’t see myself using them, and I don’t want to hoard them any longer. So enough with the intro, let’s get into the post!

St. Ives Apricot Scrub facial cleanser

Starting off this post with a “not empty, but not using” item, here’s the St. Ives Apricot Scrub. It feels like years ago when everyone and their brother’s cousin’s baby’s poop was hyping up this product, and as a teen I enjoyed using it. Two things have changed in the 10+ years I was really into this scrub though, 1- I can’t handle such an abrasive scrub on my skin anymore, this stuff is SCRUBBY and 2- St. Ives is NOT a cruelty free brand. I had one I purchased in Hong Kong, but once I realized they weren’t CF, it went to the back of the supply stash. Bottom line: not impressed, not CF, not going to repurchase.

Yes to Tomatoes moisturizer and cleanser

Next up is the Yes to Tomatoes combo, a moisturizer and a cleanser. This brand seems to have had some troubles keeping it’s CF status, but I think they’re back on the CF boat? I’m not 100% positive on this, but I think they first started selling in China, realized the loss of their CF status, and after companies reached out to them, they pulled out of animal-testing required markets. If I’m wrong, please let me know, this whole thing was really confusing for me! >0< Even though they seemed to have fought the good fight, this line did nothing for my acne (which the tomatoes line is aimed towards), and they’re going in the garbage 1/2 full. Bottom line: Pretty sure they’re CF, but really isn’t that great. Not repurchasing.

Makeup Geek brush, The Body Shop Tea Tree blemish lotion, Now Solutions Moroccan Red Clay Powder.

Let’s break this random trio down: The Makeup Geek brush is the small blush brush, and it is kind of awful. I started using it as a face mask application brush, but the bristles are just soo coarse and it sheds INSANELY crazily. Bottom line: do NOT reccomend! As for the face mask, I used the brush with the Now Solutions moroccan red clay powder, and this stuff is good! I usually would mix it with a 50/50 mixture of apple cider vinegar and water, and would leave it on my face for about 10-15 minutes for a good cleansing. It’s very affordable, and like another other powder mixture, I feel like you get more bang for your buck. I used the entire tub up, and it probably took me a year! Bottom line: A good buy, would recommend! Lastly is the random bottle of night lotion from The Body Shop, which is another unfinished product, and it honestly was just “meh”. It didn’t do anything for my skin, but it didn’t do anything negatively either. Bottom line: mediocre, you could probably find better.

Giovanni 2chic heat protecting styling mist and flat iron protecting styling mists

I used to love these heat protecting mists from Giovanni, especially for flat ironing my hair. However, I don’t know if my hair has changed that much since the first and last time I’ve used these, but on my recent attempts these have left my hair feeling AWFUL. As in, it’s felt like there is a ton of product in my hair. Bottom line: I really don’t know? I’ve had both good and bad with these! Maybe not for thin hair?

Aesop Parsley Seed Serum

Oh Aesop, you’re so stupidly expensive, but I fell into the hype that the Youtube community made with the parsley seed -mask-, and I wanted to give more products in the line a go. I was actually able to visit a store in Hong Kong, and the associate demo’d this serum on the back of my hand and my skin felt soooo lush and wonderful. Don’t fall for that though- how your skin reacts to something on your hand versus on your face are two completely different things! This serum was waaaaay too “goopey” and thick on my face, and just didn’t help my skin condition at all. Instead, I would try using this on my decolletage, but I would often forget to use this. Also, the cap is a long glass pipette, and it is INFURIATING getting the long pipe back into the packaging. Trust me, it just gets messy -all- the time. Bottom line: not worth the hype, get the Parsley seed MASK but not this. Not repurchasing!

Acure Coconut + Pumpkin liquid body wash

I love my Acure products, but this body wash turned out to be a “meh” for me. The scent was just okay, nothing exciting or life-changing like Lush products. There wasn’t a ton of lather, but it didn’t fall completely flat either. It would probably be better as a shaving cream body wash, and it is very mild on the skin so this would be great for anyone in the “sensitive” category. Bottom line: Meh, not repurchasing!

Esse gel cleanser

I would of never heard of this line if it wasn’t for living in Hong Kong. A beauty stand I would often visit that had cruelty free products featured a lot of Esse’s skincare line, but the funny thing is that they’re based in South Africa! I’ved used up their Deep Moisturizer (I miss it a lot!), and I wanted to try a cleanser from them as well, and this is it! The gel cleanser is aimed towards acne/greasy skin, and it had a very strong peppermint zing to it. A great one to wake up in the morning to, I’ll tell ya! I believe this did have a short shelf-life, but I used it after it’s expiration date and it still worked just fine. I was proud to see that I went through the whole bottle, and if Esse was in the US, I would probably try to invest in travel sizes of their products. Bottom line: great line, great product, just rare in the US!

Jason mouthwash and toothpaste

I don’t think I need to rant too much about either of these- I love the Jason mouthwash and toothpaste (specifically the Antiplaque and Strengthening formula, but I like the whitening too- I just prefer paste to gel). These will always be in my empties, and I will ALWAYS repurchase them! Bottom line- get your hands on these, they’re fab!

Acure facial cleansing gel and argan oil face wipes, Ogx Argan Oil conditioner

This next group is pretty positive! First up, the Acure cleansing gel– this works beautiully with my little silicone pad, and makes sure to clean out my pores while not drying my skin out. Once I go through my other cleansers (I have SOO many samples), I will definitely be getting my hands back on this one. Bottom line: great, afforable, EFFECTIVE! Will repurchase! Another Acure goodie that I love is the Unscented Argan Oil Cleansing Towelettes. Usually when I come home from a day of work, I like to attempt to get as much off my face as possible with a towelette, and this one is high up on my list. I’ve tried probably… 6 different towelettes now, so trust me I’ve got an opinion on these kinds of things! I think what makes it’s great is the fact that it actually is a MOIST towelette, it’s not too dry, and it can effective pull make up off your face. Bottom line: yes, get this, it’s great! As for the Ogx conditioner, it’s okay for me, but not great, mainly because I do have fine hair. If you have normal to coarse, this would be right up your alley! And I got this little travel size my local Ulta, so you can give it a test run before you commit to a big bottle. Bottom line: okay for me, but best for normal/coarse hair. Not repurchasing!

Acure lemongrass body lotion and Victoria’s Secret “Tease” perfume

Almost there! I feel like I’ve mentioned this lotion from Acure plenty of times, but I FINALLY got to finishing the bottle, hurray! The scent is spot-on fantastic, where it smells like a very natural lemongrass instead of anything fake/perfume-y/too sweet. Also, the lotion sinks into your skin soo quickly! Bottom line: Get it! I need to repurchase now! As for the Victoria’s Secret perfume, they are NOT cruelty free, but I wanted to use up the bottle. I have plenty of other perfumes to choose from, so I’m just happy to be moving on. Bottom line: not CF, not repurchasing!

Holy moly- I totally understand why I usually do these in video-form now, whew! If you made it this far, give yourself a pat on the back. I’ll just stick to video-form empties from now on, I’ve learned my lesson! ❤


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