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Sample Sunday: Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

Homans- I haven’t posted a Sample Sunday in over 6 months…. yikes! Well, I visited my local Sephora and ended up with a few samples in my hands, so hopefully I’ll get back on track with this series! Today I bring to you a very hyped-up product, The Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. That seriously is a mouth-full, let me tell you. Now this is a very split product when it comes to opinions. Just like, “That dress is black and blue” versus “Whatever, it’s white and gold!”, beauty lovers can’t seem to agree on this one. I feel okay being on the “black and blue” team, which translates as I really do not like this product!

First, let’s at least attempt to point out the claims that are true. Yes, this foundation feels weightless, which is impressive considering it is a full-coverage formula. It’s also oil free, which is probably a plus for those with oily skin. Nars also has claimed that this foundation is proven to improve skin clarity after 4 weeks. After my handful of uses, it never caused my skin any irritation or breakouts, which is always appreciated. Also, a little goes a long way with this foundation. Just make sure you shake up that bottle vigiriously before use, since it is a very watery-like formula and it can tend to separate slightly.

This would probably last me 4-6 uses

very water-like formula

Now on to the negatives. Simply put, it all comes down to how it looks on the skin, and it isn’t very flattering. Well, it is flat– my skin that is, where I -have- to use some bronzer to bring some life back in to it (and I do not bronze on a daily basis!). I think that if that was the only flaw, it wouldn’t be so bad of a product, but it gets worse. This foundation leaves absolutely NO ROOM for dry skin. Everyone and their brother warned me about making sure my skin was super moisturized, and that I start off with a good primer. I don’t have oily skin- I’m pretty much right in the middle with normal skin, so I didn’t think I’d run into too much complication with this factor. Oh, how naive I was! After applying this foundation, I realized that I had dry skin popping up in patches all over my face! I tried a test to see if my exfoliating game was not up-to-par or not, where I properly dealt with my skin care routine that night and applied my go-to foundation (It Cosmetics CC+ full coverage foundation) the next day. Oh, my It Cosmetics, it applied like a dream, and I had no signs of dry flakes anywhere. I repeated the slight exfoliation that night, and went right back to the Nars formula the next day (along with all the extra moisturizing prep), and I STILL came out with dry patches! On top of that, it really just left me with “cake face”, where even though I didn’t use a ton of product, the foundation just seemed to stack on top of itself, looking uneven and absolutely nothing like natural skin. Especially around the sides of my mouth, it was not a pleasant sight. The only area where it seemed to go on decently was on my cheeks. Nars also claims that this foundation lasts up to 16 hours, but that wasn’t true in my book. Around my nose especially, I could see that the formula wiped off throughout the day easily, exposing my natural redness. If you’re a glasses gal too, this foundation does not work well on the bridge of your nose. I happened to walk for 5 minutes, and when I realized my glasses were starting to move around, it was because the foundation started to melt because my nose was getting warm. Pleasant image, isn’t it? >0<

Bottom line: if you have oily skin and love the look of a full-coverage foundation, this might be right up your alley. For everyone else- just back away from the pretty glass container, it isn’t worth it!

Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in “Gobi”, $48 USD at Sephora / / Nordstrom


10 comments on “Sample Sunday: Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

  1. CosmeticChaos
    March 29, 2015

    I never have much luck with high end foundations

    • blushingbiddies
      March 29, 2015

      I’ve never had luck with many foundations -period-, bc it always seems to make my skin look so fake!

  2. CompassionateBeauty
    March 30, 2015

    Ahh I’m so conflicted! I remember hearing somewhere (I think Cora from vintageortacky?) that because you have to really shake up the formula, getting a sample like this is iffy since you can’t really shake it up (or off because I can’t stop myself…). I’ve loved the IT cc cream but my skin’s starting to go more oily and it really doesn’t do well with (at least my) oily skin. We’ll see! The CC cream was the closest I’ve gotten to a HG base product so I’m bummed it’s not working for me now. Thanks for updating on how you found this though! I always love your posts 🙂

    • blushingbiddies
      March 31, 2015

      If your skin is getting more oily, this might just be the right thing for you. I would definitely see if you can get it applied in the store, so you wouldn’t be working from a sample product. I really hope it works out for you, everyone’s skin is different, and this might be your new HG foundation! Good luck! And glad this post was somewhat helpful! <3<3

      • CompassionateBeauty
        April 1, 2015

        I have a Sephora date with my mom tomorrow so I’ll be checking it out! Thanks darlin 🙂

      • blushingbiddies
        April 1, 2015

        Annie just left a VERY detailed review in the comments too, be sure to check out her experience too (we’re all different, and she loves it!)

      • CompassionateBeauty
        April 1, 2015

        Thank you! Checking now 🙂

  3. annie'sbeauty...
    March 31, 2015

    I wouldn’t advise people to completely banish this foundation though! Just to use an extra-hydrating and emollient cream and it would be just fine! The formula it’s just too good not to give it a go! And dismissing a product based on using a sample, which changes its formula anyway, I don’t agree with that either! Just saying!🙌
    Lots of xx, Annie

    • blushingbiddies
      March 31, 2015

      Thanks for commenting Annie! Trust me, I put -every- moisturizing base I possibly could to try and get this to work, and it just wasn’t a good fit for me. Dry-oils, serums, moisturizers, and even primers were no good. I even tried it with my HG Hourglass primer! I can get this to work decently on my cheeks, but it -really- hates my chin and anywhere around my mouth. You’re right that a sample can be different from the original bottle, but I can’t give in because I hate the idea of taking a full-sized bottle home to try and then returning it after only using just a dab of product. I’m happy if this works for people though! If it worked for you, can you describe the kind of skin you have? And mebbe your routine for it? I hope it’ll help someone in the comments, I think someone was on the fence about it 😀

      • annie'sbeauty...
        April 1, 2015

        oh, I sure believe you my lovely without any doubt! but I disagree with stating bluntly that a product is no good, therefore nobody should buy it! that’s how I see things!

        my skin went through various phases while testing this foundation. with the changing of the seasons it became so dry and irritated that I thought this foundation wouldn’t work at all… it looked pretty decent… but I really liked the formula and the finish so I didn’t gave up on it!
        I changed the products in my skin care routine, which consists of double ( at time triple ) cleansing, toner, serum and moisurizer + eye cream at least twice a day ( I will post an updated version on my blog soon ) and a handful of other helping products like masks ( peeling, deep cleansing, hydrating, nourishing masks ) and treatments… so I managed to get my skin back to its usual self, which is still sensitive with minor dryness and a bit of oiliness during the day in the T-zone.
        point is this foundation works now even better!
        the moral of the story is to take better care of your skin and make it as flawless as possible, because on a good canvas anything will look good!
        again, that’s how I see things lovely!
        and I really hope that everyone will find my experience helpful!
        lots of xx, Annie

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