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Mani Round-Up #9

NailsInc (NailKale)- “Montpelier Walk”

Just a heads up for all these photos- PLEASE excuse the state of my cuticles! I know they look kinda nasty, but in all honesty, it is a rare thing if I ever care to clean them up on my own because I am just way too lazy for that jazz. We’re not going too much for presentation here, just color selection, right? Okay! So first up is a color from NailsInc’s NailKale line (and I’m really REALLY obsessed with color, formula, and longevity of these polishes!), Montpelier Walk. I never thought I would go for a color like this, but once I swatched this on my nail, it went into my basket immediately. There is just something soo flattering about this nude, where it doesn’t look like mannequin hands and has just a touch of warmth to it.

Black Cat Lacquer “Virgo”

Next up is my St. Patrick’s Day polish, which I think I wore last year too. Black Cat Lacquer has a whole line dedicated to the Zodiac signs. Even though I’m not a Virgo (Pisces FTW!), I couldn’t pass up this beautiful emerald green gelly polish with sparkly bits of gold in there.

NailsInc. (NailKale)- “Bruton Mews”

Another polish from the NailKale line, Bruton Mews is a super-dark green. It almost looks like a black, but is still pulling just enough color through. I don’t know about you, but wearing this polish just made me feel sexy! Soo dark, vampy- an absolutely perfect color!

omg periwinkle is SO hard to photograph!! China Glaze “Boho Blues”

Alright, the color is absolutely NOT coming through in this photo, but Boho Blues is really a fantastic periwinkle color. Not a true blue, and not a purple, but somewhere in-between. Just Google search it, you will see how stunning this color really is.

bare nails, with the NailsInc NailKale Superfood basecoat

I did let my nails go au-naturale for a few days, with just the NailsInc NailKale Superfood base coat, and I’m telling ya, this stuff is fantastic. I really think my nails are doing a lot better by using this. I think I’m over my Orly and Zoya base coats!

Mineral Fusion “Glint of Mint”

Last but not least, I’ve been getting into the Easter spirit by digging into my pastels, and I found a polish I bought but never wore yet! Long story short, I bought this polish on super-super sale (like, 50 cents I think) at my drugstore because it was in the clearance bin, so I snatched it up immediately. This did take 3 coats to get it even, but the formula is sturdy and the color payoff is fab. Really interested to try more from the line!

I told y’all that March would be a better polish month for me! Who knows what April will have in store though ❤ Any colors grab your attention this month?


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