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Sample Sunday: When to let go

I was debating on what to write up for Sample Sunday, and a unique problem came to light: I was trying my beloved sample of Caru Skincare oil I received in a Petit Vour box, but the formula got a little wonky. As in, suddenly there were tiny bits of hard, grainy things- and this is a serum/oil. It might just be the type of oil used (does Jojoba become hard with temperature change?), but it was enough to make me root through my collection and see what samples I might just need to say goodbye to, because they’ve just been sitting around too long. The two Lush samples in the picture above… I can’t even remember when I got the samples made! Yes, that’s kinda awful. Thusly, I really don’t want to put them anywhere near my skin. I’ll still take the sample pots back to my local Lush store, since they do recycle the black plastic pots.



So today’s post is just a reminder that you should keep an eye on your sample’s shelf life. The two products above have clearly written how long they’ll be good for. In the second picture, 6m is referring to “6 months from opening”, so just be weary if you do decide to continue using it after that period.

Also, dry sample products are your best friend! Considering you add the water to the amount you’re using, the product inside the packaging should stay decent for quite some time. Granted, not many skincare or beauty products come in this dry form, if you have other products lined up and waiting to be used, maybe products like these could sit on the back burner for that extra week or two. Hope this helps out, and you all had a great Easter! ❤


3 comments on “Sample Sunday: When to let go

  1. One Lost Mama
    April 14, 2015

    Good idea, off to go dig through my stash and get rid of expired stuff to make room for new pretties!

  2. Dream & Scheme
    May 29, 2015

    I’m hoping to try Root Science, S.W. Basics, and Caru Skincare soon.

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