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Primal Pit Paste Easter Sale

Just wanted to give you all a heads up about Primal Pit Paste’s Easter sale! This is my husband’s #1 go-t0 deodorant, as it’s aluminum free, cruelty free, and can keep his ….”natural fragrance” at bay. There is a “hunt” you’ve gotta do on their site for the special code. I won’t give it away here, it ruins the fun of it! Just think of what they’re using in their promotional picture though *wink wink*. You can see the whole explanation of their sale here, but it ends April 8th at midnight. I personally love the Jacked-Up Jasmine fragrance, with Thyme and Lemongrass coming in a close second. Adam’s favorite sent is the Thyme and Lemongrass, and he’s probably tried almost every scent available in stick form. Not only do they have sticks though, they have pit paste in a jar, so you have some options available to you!

Also, after placing my order today, I noticed they had a referral link. This is what popped up for me:

If you decide to shop their site after the sale, you can still get 15% off with my referral link. I’ll leave you a copy -right here-, hope that helps out with the costs! If you need more help on natural deodorants, I wrote a post about it way back when, you can check it out -here-. Happy shopping!



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