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Sample Sunday: Yummy Mummy, 2 ways

I found myself in Lush recently, right in time for their new collection for Mother’s Day to hit the shelves. After much sniffing and exploring, I asked if I could try the new Yummy Mummy shower gel. The associates at my downtown Seattle were soo sweet, and they actually packed me up samples of both the shower gel -and- the body conditioner in the same scent! I’m feeling very spoiled here, and I’m no momma. Well, maybe a biddy-momma, but I digress. So for your reading pleasure, let’s talk about these for today’s Sample Sunday review.

“This super shimmery shower gel will have you turning heads (and noses!). Geranium oil, Brazilian orange oil and tonka absolute are expertly blended together to create one of our most intoxicating, yet delicate, fragrances: Yummy Mummy. Fruity, sweet and dashed with a hint of luster, this shower gel will leave skin unimaginably soft and smelling like scrumptious strawberries. It’s well deserving of its name!”

First up, the shower gel. I had to make sure to snap a photo of the gel itself, since it is a beautiful lavender purple color. Lush already has a shower gel that’s on a pretty high pedestal in my books, Ro’s Argan. It’s the most perfect formula- a little goes a long way, it lather’s beautifully, the scent is amazing, and it genuinely leaves my skin soft. So how does Yummy Mummy compare? It’s a close second! The similarities are that the two both have great lathering abilities, the scent is strong and long-lasting, and just a dollop will do you. As for leaving my skin moisturized, it’s definitely better than most of their shower gels, but just falls a hair short compared to Ro’s. Also there’s the scent- yes it is fruity, and while on one hand it is pleasant, it’s also slightly “heavy”. Not like a musk or cologne, but there’s this deep note mixed in with the sweetness that make this anything but delicate. It will last you all day, but it’s one that I kind of shrug my shoulders to, in all honesty. That’s definitely going to be a different opinion from person to person though, so to each their own! Also, if there is any luster in this formula, it was not in my sample.. but that doesn’t really bother me in the least!

“Made with silky-soft butters, almond oil and a dash of fresh strawberry juice, we couldn’t call this one anything but Yummy! For the most luxuriously soft skin imaginable, this limited edition Body Conditioner is a sure bet for any Mom’s shower ritual. Smooth generously over your whole body in the shower or bath, then rinse away to reveal skin so soft and delicately scented, they’ll be calling you Yummy Mummy in no time.”

As for the body conditioner, this one definitely feels different in comparison to the other 3 I’ve tried before (Ro’s Argan, Turkish Delight, and African Paradise). It’s not nearly as thick- rather, it feels like an actual lotion instead of a thick cream. With the new “beefed up” sample container sizes Lush has, I was able to get 1 1/2 uses from the packaging. The results are just as great as the other formulas- it’s not as thick, but it’s still moisturizes the skin. The lighter formula is actually better for Spring and Summer, where the thick creams might be more hydrating for the dryer seasons. Oddly enough, I must prefer the scent from this body conditioner instead of the shower gel! It just doesn’t have that heavy “note” that I mentioned before, which leaves the strawberry goodness to really come through. The sales associate described this best, saying it’s like strawberries and light brown sugar mixed. If that’s a scent up your alley, I’d -highly- recommend the body conditioner. Not only does the product work and the scent is fantastic, but the price is much more reasonable in comparison to the other body conditioners. Where as the other 3 are somewhere between the $33 to $40 range, Yummy Mummy body conditioner is just $30 for the same amount! The “cheapest” in it’s group, but now one of my favorite products that I really want to get my hands on, even my husband stopped in his tracks to tell me how nice I was smelling today ^_^.

Yummy Mummy is part of the limited edition Mother’s Day line at Lush, so don’t wait too long if you want to get your hands on it!

Lush Yummy Mummy (shower gel- $9.95 for 3.3 oz /$19.95 for 8.4 oz /$29.95 for 16.9 oz USD ) (body conditioner-$29.95 USD for 8.4oz) at Lush stores and



2 comments on “Sample Sunday: Yummy Mummy, 2 ways

  1. Madeleine
    April 26, 2015

    I love the Yummy Mummy shower gel! Picked it up for myself when it was out earlier this year for the UK’s mothers day, it’s gorgeous! x

    • blushingbiddies
      May 14, 2015

      I’m just finishing up my generous sample, really love how it feels on the skin! ❤

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