Blushing Biddies

A look into beauty, that doesn't harm our furry friends

April FsRCs

Now that it’s May Day (*ba-dum-pshhhh!*),  it’s time for the usual routine of looking back at April goodies. It was pretty much a split of lippies and skincare goodness, but there’s nothing wrong with that, right? If you’re new to my monthly favs, I break it down into 3 sections: Favs (kinda self-explanatory), Rage (a rant about something that’s just “ground my gears”), and Craves (something I’m keeping my eyes on). Although this video comes with a twist! You can hear me explain it all out in the video, but in short, I’m looking for a replacement for my C segment. It’s just too much of a burden on my wallet to even think I can keep up with a Craves section. I definitely need a break for the next few months, and I’d love your feedback on what I could throw in there. People have already left brilliant ideas in the comments of the Youtube video, but I’m taking note of everything! If you’re got a good suggestion, leave it in the comments and I’ll write it down too!


I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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