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My current face base routine

Thanks to the Sunday Riley Luna sleeping oil, my skin seems to be looking better than ever. So on days where I want to wear makeup, I’ve been going for a lot lighter of a foundation base than I have before. The only thing I’m really lacking is using an SPF more often, but that’s a lotion I can add into my skin care routine before I go into any of these lovelies.

First up, the only product I actually have a full-size of is the RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up in the shade “00”. I did a thorough review of this product here when I did a week-long brand focus of RMS Beauty, so if you’re curious about the line, I’d definitely check through the tags! This solid but creamy foundation gives me just enough coverage to cancel out the redness along my cheeks, sides of my nose, and that pesky area between the bottom lip and chin. I use my finger to dab it on, no brush is needed, and it just goes by so quickly! I’m surprised I love this so much, as the main ingredient is Coconut Oil (which my skin is not usually so fond of), but it’s followed by Castor Seed Oil and Beeswax. It never gets cakey, and lasts beautifully throughout my day.

Next up is my concealer for acne spots, which is the Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer, in the bottom right sample container. I honestly don’t even remember what shade I have mine in, but there are 10 different color options in total. When I asked the associate at Sephora a sample of this solid concealer, she was super generous! A little goes a long way, and I think if I used this religiously I’d have enough for the next 2 months. The best method that works for me is to go into the concealer with a very tiny lip brush, and then paint it onto the darker parts of my face. Just a little extra fiddling with my hands, and the results are fantastic.

Lastly, and most surprisingly in my opinion, is the Kjaer Weis foundation sample in “Paper Thin”. I was able to order a set of samples from Spirit Beauty Lounge (you can see my post here with what I picked and how you can make your own custom samples), and I was slightly disappointed when this foundation shade came out to be too warm for my skin tone. However, after playing around with it a little, I noticed that since it leans slightly orange on my skin, it actually cancels out dark circles rather well. Hello new under-eye concealer! The consistency is lovely- not too thick and heavy, but not too moist and creamy. The coverage is amazing, and it just wears under my eyes well. I’m curious as to how a lighter shade would work as a proper foundation, but for now I’m pretty hooked with this new use I’ve discovered.

I’m really trying to go through my beauty collection, and I’m ecstatic that I’m actually using samples and not just letting them gather dust in the darkest depths of my makeup drawers. Also my “Un” Cover-Up has been rather neglected, but I have a good feeling we’re going to be besties for the next couple months. Anything inspiring you all to change up your foundation routine? Make you’ve got a sample that just needs to get used and gone, so start diggin’!


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