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Mani Round-Up #11

Lauren B Beauty in “I’m so LA”

Not gonna lie- I only have three pictures to show you, but this specific polish I wore THREE time in May. That is kind of unheard of, for someone who has a ton and a half of polish! I cannot rave about this formula enough!! Opaque in 1 coat, durable and beautiful glossy look, and it’s vegan/cruelty free! This is the best polish Petit Vour has put in their subscription boxes, and I couldn’t be happier. Rather, I might have to go buy a different color!

Urban Decay “Addiction”


After such a solid color, I started craving glitter, and this polish fit the bill. Even though it looks slightly green here, it’s a mix between that and grey, which makes it easier to work into my wardrobe as a neutral. Bonus points for not being too much of a pain to remove even though it’s a glitter polish.

Red is Barry M Gel polish in “Blood Orange”, Blue is Barry M Gel polish in “Blackberry” and white is a random China Glaze white I have.

Ohhh, my Memorial Day manicure…. ^^;; I’m not gonna say this is good, but I tried getting out of my comfort zone. Trust me- it looks great from far away, but not up THIS close, heh!

Sorry again for another short monthly round-up, I’m just being soo lazy with manicures lately! I guess I need to go to Pinterest for some inspiration? Hope you all are having a fantastic day! My monthly FsRCs video will be up tomorrow, so stay tuned!



2 comments on “Mani Round-Up #11

  1. Talking About Beauty
    June 3, 2015

    pretty colour!

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