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A surprise “bouquet” of roses

Way back when (it may of even been LAST YEAR good golly), Sephora had a sale-on-sale, and this lovely trio from Bite Beauty was in there. Once the bell rang and the sale started though, I was at my retail job, and in the end just didn’t make it in time. However, my Youtube friend TudorRoseBeauty coincidentally purchased the trio from the sale section BEFORE the sale on sale, and ended up having 2 sets on her hands. Once she offered to sell me one, I was pretty much that overused GIF of Fry from Futurama screaming “JUST TAKE MY MONEY”! I don’t know what in the world happened to me to not review these earlier…especially since they’re not available anymore.. buuuuuuuut sometimes those are the breaks. I even did lip swatches to make up for my promptness in posting this, so on with the pictures!



Centifolia- this first bullet picture came out SOO warm and almost red- make sure to see the comparison of all 3 later down!




“Centifolia” is the perfect color that fits the simplicity of the word ‘peach’. A little orange, a little pink, and pretty opaque.





“Damask” is a cool-toned pink that just brightens up the face.

Grandfolia * sorry for the blur~!



“Grandfolia” is a bright red with an ever-so-slight pink undertone, and it’s easily turning into my favorite of the three. Just… wowzaz!

Centifolia, Damask, Grandfolia


Centifolia, Damask, Grandfolia


Centifolia, Damask, Grandfolia


These babies are bright colors, and are really helping me expand my confidence in color selection. Much like the Luminous Creme lipsticks, they have a similar formula, with 2 main differences- these Deconstructed Lipsticks have a STRONG rose scent (it does fade with time) and they have more of a “slick” to them. They still have great wear, and I’ve seen even better results when worn on top of a lip pencil. Some of these colors might be in the regular Luminous Creme line, and seem ready to go for the season’s color palette. As with almost all of Bite Beauty products, I’m head over heels for these lippies, and I hope they’ll come out with more in this formula in the future, sans the over-the-top strong sweet-rose scent. Did any of you get your hands on these back when? Any requests for one of these colors in my next GRWM? :3

Bite Beauty Deconstructed Lipstick Trio “Centifolia, Damask, and Grandfolia”


2 comments on “A surprise “bouquet” of roses

  1. Kaily
    June 5, 2015

    You should totally use Damask in your next GRWM!!! What a pretty color for the season!!!

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