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A lil’ Red Apple Lipstick haul

Usually I’m working on a Sample Sunday posts for Sundays, but I’ve got a plethora of goodies from Red Apple Lipstick to share with you! I can’t believe I let this lil’ haul slip through my fingers, what is wrong with me? I finally remembered I didn’t make a post of it when I showed off 2 of these items in my July FsRCs video (aka, my monthly beauty favorites). So let’s look at the items- a swatch of everything will be at the very end, but you can see live-swatching of the lip goodies in the July FsRCs!

First up, the eye shadows. I didn’t have any in my collection from RAL yet, and I’ve been very curious about the formula. With a special BOGO offer they had (combined with a member’s monthly discount- I’ll get into that at the end!), I couldn’t pass them up any more. The shadow to the left is Iced Mocha– which is kind of confusing, considering it’s a very pale muted purple. The website says it’s a shimmery taupe, but there’s a lot stronger of a purple pull, so don’t be deceived! Still, it’s very perfect, and goes great with my brown eyes. An effortless color! The shadow to the right is Champagne, which is a light brown that’s also a shimmer shadow. It’s funny because the website describes this ALSO as a ‘frosted taupe’, and I’d say this is more the color I would think of if you describe it as taupe. Don’t worry, if you get these two, they are different from each other, even with the overdose of using taupe as a color descriptor! Oh, and for the record, the packaging these came in is fantastic- a plastic protector inside a box, I highly doubt these guys arrive shattered with these extra precautions!

Next up, the lippie goodies! I only picked up a sample of the lipstick Hibiskiss– which comes in an adorable plastic pod with a sticker seal. I just wanted to try another lip color from them that wasn’t too autumnal (I did a HUGE haul last fall, and I just realized I never did any photos or video of them- GASP! *makes a note*). Anyways, Hisbiskiss is a fantastic bright pink that leans a little berry and a little red. No glitter or sheen, just a creamy satin color that I genuinely can’t get over. The formula is insanely comfortable, and I can wear this color with confidence as when it wears down, it leaves a slight stain that still looks flattering. The other pod is a sample of their pride-formula, the Rallye Balm. Supposedly this is a holy-grail product to fix chapped lips. I can’t say too much about that, BUT the formula is very comfortable, moisturizing but doesn’t feel very “slippy”, which is perfect to layer under lipsticks. Lastly, and what inspired this haul, is a new lip gloss RAL came out with for their Summer 2015 collection, S.W.A.K. (Sealed With A Kiss). It’s not a mint formula, just a smooth medium-pigmented gloss that has no stick. What is there not to love?! It pairs soo well with a lot of my neutral/pinky lip colors, and wears for appx. 2-3 hours. I like to layer it, or just wear it alone, which is saying something because I do not consider myself a gloss gal.

L to R: S.W.A.K., Iced Mocha, Champagne, Hibiskiss

L to R: S.W.A.K., Iced Mocha, Champagne, Hibiskiss (in sunlight)

Anything catch your eye? If you’re interested in buying anything from Red Apple Lipstick, here’s a word of advice: on their main web page, you can sign up for their ‘VIP mailing club’, and you’ll get a monthly coupon. That coupon CAN be stacked on to promotions they may have, so write your list and keep an eye out for any sales. They are a little on the pricey side, but they’re a gluten free/ paraban free/ cruelty free, and take the quality of their products seriously. I haven’t been disappointed with -anything- I’ve received from them yet, if that helps out! They have a ton of other products too- mascara, lip liners, eye liners, so if you’re hoping to branch into a new brand, this might be the one for you!

Red Apple Lipstick eyeshadows, $18.75 each ; lipstick, full size- $23.50 , sample pod- $3.50 ; lip gloss, $18.50 . Red Apple Lipstick sold exclusively through their website online,



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