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My latest order from Petit Vour

Even though I placed this order months ago (that’s plural, mind you!), I felt like I should keep you all up-to-speed on my thoughts for these 2 products. There are 3 in total, but one was a sample, and I’ve barely used it… Anywhoo, let’s just get into the details, shall we?

  • Lily Lolo eye-blending brush ($9.00): First reaction to this product = “OMG WHY DOES IT SMELL SO BAD?!”. I’m not even kidding, it kinda stank for like… at least 1 week straight. I wanted to write 2, but I’m just not positive on that. One the smell faded, I was able to use this brush, and it works well. Not life-changing, but not bad in any way either. It’s a bit different than my 100% Pure eye brush because the Lily Lolo is slightly pinched in comparison. So this might be the one for you if you lay it on it’s side and get right into the crease, so you won’t diffuse it as much.
  • Lauren B Beauty “My Private Cabana” nail polish ($18.00): After receiving “I’m So LA” in an earlier Petit Vour box, I was pretty excited to try another one out. They have a variety of colors and finishes, and I thought I would plan ahead and get a color I would wear in the winter/early spring. “My Private Cabana” is a very dull, white pastel that’s a hybrid between blue and green. The few times I’ve worn this specific color, it wasn’t as chip resistant as the first one I tried, so that was a slight bummer. It also took more coats to get opaque, approximately 2-3. That might just be the nature of the pastel-color beast, sigh.

As for the perfume sample, I love Havey Prince, but this fragrance just wasn’t my cup of tea. It was a little too flowery, if that makes sense. “Journey” is still my #1 scent if you ask me, because there is that slight tinge of sweetness, but that’s all a personal thing. Don’t forget if you order from Petit Vour, you’ll get 20% of your purchase back in points that you can use as cash in their shop. Gotta love shopping incentives right? It’s what always brings me back 😉



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