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Too Faced A La Mode eyes palette

An oldie, but still worth mentioning, is the Too Faced A La Mode eyes palette. All 9 shadows are encased in a sleek metal tin palette, with a decent sized mirror and unique color choices to choose from. Let’s take a look at the whole shebang with the pictures I’ve taken:

This palette definitely has that summer-time vibe going for it, but I’m still keeping it around in my current makeup stash in hopes I’ll use it in autumn too. I’m only disappointed with one color out of the 9, so that’s not bad, swingin’ at a 88%? Just to give a super-quick run-down on the colors:

  • St. Tropez= very light gold powder, but has more predominant gold glitter in. Best as a topper.
  • Riviera= A sheeny peach gold with subtle amounts of gold glitter.
  • La Croisette= A sheeny white, perfect as a highlight.
  • Cannes= A fun, vibrant warm orange with subtle amount of gold glitter.
  • Jardin= My favorite “unique” color in the palette, a perfect peach with gold sheen to it.
  • Monaco= a deep fuchsia pink, very pretty as a outer-corner accent color.
  • Soleil= Super easy to blend warm copper-gold, such a lovely color!
  • Cote d’Azur= Another lovely color, probably the most “neutral” of the bunch, a cool-toned copper-brown (think of a penny!) with sheen.
  • De La Mer= my disappointing color of the bunch. Dark dark navy blue with glitter, but flaky and patchy as all heck D:

Even with the 1 dud, I think this palette is a great addition to my collection, and perfect for a quick on-the-go look. I can do really simple 1-wash looks, or deepen things out with a neutral vibe or something even pretty dramatic with the few bold colors in here. Not to brag, but I was very lucky to find this at Nordstrom Rack for like… $12? I love it when a good deal actually gets used, woohoo!

I know this palette might not be available right now, but don’t fret! This week is all Too Faced reviews from me, and I’ll be sure to add some that are ready to be swatched/purchased/loved by you too 😉



One comment on “Too Faced A La Mode eyes palette

  1. Marilou
    September 29, 2015

    I was considering it, but just put it off as a result of I believed it was one thing apart from the Mirena.

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