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A hangover you… need?

Okay, no one really ever wants a hangover, but you might just -need- this one. Scroll down for my thoughts!

This primer has definitely been hyped up in the community, and for good reason. Simply put, this stuff doesn’t feel like a layer of silicone on my face, and is just a pure burst of hydration, THAT DRIES QUICKLY! Now, do I buy the whole pit of coconut water, electrolytes, and probiotics? Not really….  but whatever the formula is, I do know that is does help my makeup stay on longer, plays well with a lot of foundations I have, and keeps my skin feeling hydrated throughout the day. It doesn’t clog up my pores (usually my biggest problem), and it doesn’t even feel like I have anything extra on my face. This does kind of punch your wallet in the gut though, price-taged at $32 a pop. You can get carried away with how much you apply though, so just try to use it sparingly, and savor every drop! Just think, once the pump doesn’t work anymore, since it’s in a plastic container, you can cut it open and scrape out every last drop, woohoo! Again, I didn’t think I’d fall for this, but this is a pretty darn good primer if you ask me!

Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Facial Primer, $32.00 USD ; found at, Sephora,, Ulta,


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