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Bite Beauty Point Perk at Sephora: Mimosa

After getting Sephora’s Bite Beauty point perk bundle in Bellini, I wasn’t expecting a mirror-image release RIGHT after that. Yet lo and behold, another mini bundle! This is in a different color though, a more tomato-red tone, Mimosa.

( sorry for the blurriness, ack!)

L to R: 1 swipe of lipstick, 3 swipes of lipstick, lip gloss

Like the other kit, you get a lipstick, a lip gloss, and a mini mirror. The color Mimosa is more of a vibrant red, more “classic” yet warm enough to be perfect for the warmer months. This could be perfect when Christmas rolls around though. Just don’t confuse it for an autumnal red, I feel it’s more on the warm side than what we think for fall. Regardless, I have another perfect amount of a bold color that I’m happy to have (let’s be honest, I’m definitely a neutral-lovin’ lady), and an extra mirror I need to give to a friend. Have you been collecting this point perks too, or did you just settle for Bellini?


3 comments on “Bite Beauty Point Perk at Sephora: Mimosa

  1. annie's beauty...
    September 28, 2015

    Omg that lip gloss!? 😻👌 xx,
    Annie | Annie’s Beauty

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