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A lil’ gift from Nars

I feel like this is the week of sample mini-kits on my blog, am I right?! This is of course another perk from Sephora, but it was a free gift when you bought $25 or more. You can always find what’s currently being offered from Sephora on their Beauty Deals page , in case you didn’t know. Or you can check sites like, where old offer codes might still work.

This bundle was pretty impressive! It came with minis of their eye shadow pro-primer, a light optimizing primer, and a mini blush in the color “Orgasm”.

The blush especially caught my eye, because this is a product that has been super-hyped up in the beauty community. It wasn’t as “shiny” as I was expecting it to be, but it does give just enough “oomph” of color to my cheeks. Any of you big fans of this color out there? I think it’s nice, but not really holy grail status. Still, into my collection it goes! I just got my hands on a sample of Nars’ latest mascara, so I’m hoping to do a 1-brand look from Nars soon. Stay tuned! ^o^



One comment on “A lil’ gift from Nars

  1. annie's beauty...
    September 28, 2015

    Orgasm is a lovely blush but I prefer the less shimmery Deep Throat! Enjoy it! 😊xx,
    Annie | Annie’s Beauty

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