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Lily Lolo mascara

Oh mascara, how I’ve underestimated you in my beauty routine. I’m that kind of person that hates to do anything near my eyeballs. So usually tight-lining, curling lashes, or applying mascara is something I try to avoid. I was fortunate enough to get this full size amount of Lily Lolo’s mascara from a past Petit Vour, and I am SO thankful! This stuff is vegan, cruelty free, long-lasting, and just brings some volume and definition to my lashes. You know you like a product when you run out and you genuinely want more, instead of just going on to the next item in your stash.

The brush is pretty standard- not too big, but not too small/spare. There are a lot of little bristles that can reach around your lashes, and they deposit just the right amount of mascara. Your lashes will look plump, but not clumpy. I’ve never had this flake on me, but just keep in mind that this isn’t a waterproof formula. Coming in at $20 a bottle, I think I can come to terms with that. Especially if I can buy it from Petit Vour and earn points on every purchase I make, so I can buy other things from their shop for free, yay! Have you tried this mascara yet? Or is there a different cruelty free option out there that holds holy grail status for you?

Lily Lolo mascara, $20.00 USD ; found at,, and other online retailers.


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