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Bite Beauty’s Best Bite Rewind 2015

You know if Bite Beauty is coming out with a holiday kit to try more colors, I’m gonna be all over it. I did not expect to see a holiday kit come out soo soon, but for some reason this year brands are really jumpin’ the gun in getting the holiday shopping started! Regardless, let’s get into all the pictures before I give you my thoughts:





Top = Aubergine; L to R = Coulis, Cafe, Torte

As you can see from the pictures, you get 4 mini Matte Creme Lip Crayons in a cute decorative tin (really similar to the Altoids tins) in the standard 4-color-variety Bite Beauty likes to stick with. Cafe is your wearable nude, where Torte is a muted rose that pretty much anyone can wear. Coulis is your signature red, and Aubergine is your wearable berry. Not one of these colors intimidates me, which is great because I definitely want to get the best bang for my buck. Only 1 color out of the 4 is from the permanent line (Aubergine), so you have the chance to snatch up 3 new shades. The Matte Creme lip crayon formula is extremely comfortable and has decent wear-time, so putting these to use will not be a hard task at all.

L to R = Cafe, Coulis, Torte, Aubergine

I was going to consider doing one of my QT videos for these, but then one of my favorite YouTube beauty bloggers, Emily Noel, came in with her own review! It’s pretty much what I wanted to say, and it’s already up and ready for your viewing pleasure, so I highly recommend checking out her video.

If these look up your alley, I wouldn’t wait on these too long! My lucky with the holiday stuff that I want is that they go by SOO quickly! And we’re preparing for the holidays in the beginning of October peoples! The pack retails at $25.00 USD, and is found through Sephora. Are any of these colors really speaking to you? 🙂


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