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Bite Beauty Point Perk at Sephora: Kir Royale

I’ve gone so far as feeling like a Pokemon collector with all of these Bite Beauty kits from Sephora! Just like with Mimosa and Bellini , Sephora unleashed a third color as a point-perk redeemable set in the color Kir Royale. I’m extremely late on the bandwagon of posting this up, and I don’t think the point sets are available anymore- HOWEVER, you can get the lip colors in full size at Sephora, yay! On the website it says “Online Only”, but that’s kinda a bunch of bull as I’ve seen all three colors at my local store. Hmm! Regardless, Kir Royale is described as a ‘Bold Wine/Berry‘, and I’m in love. I think my photos are pulling slightly pinker than what it actually is in person, but to help you out, I recently wore this lip color in my latest video on YouTube (QTs! Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise ).

Did you jump on on of these point perk sets? Or did you just go for the full-size version in stores? I’m happy to start slow with bold colors, so the sample size is the perfect amount for me… for now!




2 comments on “Bite Beauty Point Perk at Sephora: Kir Royale

  1. Anne
    November 23, 2015

    What an amazing little set. Such a great shade.
    xo Anne –

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