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Becca Eye Priming Perfector

Second Becca review this week, woop woop! I’ve been broadening my beauty collection, and Becca was definitely a brand I wanted to hit up. So when I noticed they had an eye primer (and up until this point I was feeling a little “meh” about other primers I’ve tried), I was ready to give it a shot. At first glance, it doesn’t seem like anything too unique; the Eye Priming Perfector is in a standard plastic container where the top screws off and you’re left with a doe-foot applicator. Supposedly all the unique qualities are in the formula though:

“Perfect and extend eye shadow wear. Formulated with Risesilk®, this creamy eye primer absorbs oil and evens lid tone, extending eye shadow wear and enhancing color. Microfine powders create a thin, flexible film over the lids, allowing for seamless eye shadow application. Cream and powder shadows glide on smooth and wear for hours without creasing or fading. Translucent Perfector works well with light to medium skintones, while Tinted pairs with medium to dark. Both Perfectors can be worn alone for smooth, even lids, or under an eye shadow for extended wear. “

First off, I love how there are -2- different colors available! Thanks Becca for thinking about more than just 1 skin tone. As for wear- I think this is better than most primers I’ve tried, but it’s still not holy grail status for me. My creasing problems are due to my eye-shape, not because of any oily buildup, so the unique formula isn’t targeted at my specific needs. While it does help even out my eyelid’s skin tone, it just can’t win all the battles. Once I’m done with this, I’m probably not going to repurchase it. But if another backup fell on my lap, I wouldn’t let it gather dust either. Oddly enough, if you haven’t heard from my YouTube videos, I’m kind of a huge fan of the ColourPop matte eyeshadows . They work surprisingly well on me as a base! I don’t think that’s the same case for everyone, but it’s still neat to see “what works/ what doesn’t” for everyone, ya know? Let me know if you’ve tried out this primer in the comments below, I’d love to hear some rave reviews about this product!

Becca Eye Priming Perfector in ‘Translucent’, $24.00 USD


3 comments on “Becca Eye Priming Perfector

  1. Lauren
    December 9, 2015

    Ooh i want to try this! Have you tried the Urban Decay Primer? I don’t like that one

    • blushingbiddies
      January 4, 2016

      I’ve tried it and I feel like this is a smidge better- I just got a sample of the Nars eye primer though, everyone swears it’s their holy grail, so we’ll see! 😛

  2. annie's beauty...
    December 9, 2015

    I do want to try this! 😍xx, Annie | Annie’s Beauty

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