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Farmacy Sleep Tight Night Balm

  • This one is definitely a weird, one, and I don’t think I would of tried it if it wasn’t a free gift code for $25 purchase or more at Sephora (this was a couple months ago, I doubt the promo is still going on). It’s almost like a gel mask, but immediately when you touch it your body heat will help melt it down into an oil. It’s super rich on the skin, and good news- it doesn’t break me out! THAT’S A MIRACLE FOR MY SKIN THAT’S PRONE TO CLOGGING. So yes, this guy is a win in my book. Especially for those cold winter nights!

Farmacy Sleep Tight Night Balm, $48.00 USD ; found at Sephora &


2 comments on “Farmacy Sleep Tight Night Balm

  1. Michelle K. M
    February 3, 2016

    That’s a nicely sized deluxe freebie! Looks like an interesting product!

  2. alexandramegan333
    February 10, 2016

    Oooh this looks like an interesting balm! That’s amazing that the balm responds to the heat of your body and turns it into an oil o.O. Awesome that it doesn’t break you out too!

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