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Tatcha Indigo Soothing Triple Recovery Cream

Apparently Sephora and Tatcha were going through a good promo period, because I have another deluxe sample I got for free with a $25 order online. This moisturizer is -very rich-, and their “Indigo” line is aimed for those with sensitive skin. I don’t really fall into either category, but I still really enjoyed this product! If I put my face through a rough cleansing or deep clay mask in the evening, I want to reach for this just so my skin would balance out. You’d think with a rich cream (and my acne-prone skin) that I would wake up with break outs, but that was NEVER the case. Don’t be put off by the color- just like the Sunday Riley Luna oil, it looks pretty blue but doesn’t stay like that once worked into the skin. I think this is a quality product, and I have nothing but love and appreciation for it. The one downside is that it does come at a hefty price, as this is veering towards high-end skincare ($135 for a full-size).


One comment on “Tatcha Indigo Soothing Triple Recovery Cream

  1. suesuzzz
    April 1, 2016

    uggg Ok first loved this post but… I can not do high end at all not on this disabled gurls income lol ,sad …
    I’m so lost on am routine cleanse, tone, serum, and evening routine as well….lost on what order and what really works …Also lost on a skincare line that also won’t break me anti ageing is a must (I’m OLD you know maybe a lil to late to start lol) I see like oil of olay line and am I suppt to buy the whole line (like I said I need the works on these wrinkles ) 🙂 😦
    Or the Roc line????????????? I have no idea and also no idea the order these products should be used in lol.. Drug store brands are fine by me if they work and not too pricey for everything or if you have another idea of a brand from another site or mix and match lol heck I do not care I just do not want to waste money no more than anyone else does……..And no have it work …
    As always I LOVE you blog and follow you here and youtube I think you are a blast on youtube and so funny ..

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