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A look into beauty, that doesn't harm our furry friends


For the first time in a LONG WHILE, my monthly favs this month will be in blog form! That’s right, no video- it’s blazing hot in the home again and the AC is broken for a second year in a row, so I can’t sit in front of a camera without sweating my a** off (instead, I’ll do that from behind a computer monitor, where you’re not subjected to watching me suffer ^^;;). ANYWHOOO, I don’t have too much to talk about this month, so let’s get crackin!

Even though it’s hot for us now, May was pretty mild, and I found my skin was craving moisture. So I reached for this lovely primer- it really helped my skin stay moisturized, and also worked well this my foundation combo for ultimate hydration (well, at least me). I even loved wearing this on my literal no make-up days!

L to R: Au Naturale, RMS

Foundation for me this month was a little different! I usually go for liquid foundations, but I’ve used this pair before and find to really like it when I need more moisture. RMS “un” cover-up is my favorite cream foundation, although be warned that there is coconut oil in the foundation. It plays well with my skin, but I’ve heard that’s not always the case with other skin types. In an attempt to “highlight” my face with a lighter color foundation/concealer, I reached for the Au Naturale Cosmestics concealer. It’s not the same formula as the RMS (not as creamy), but it does stay well on my face. So the RMS goes over the majority of my face, but I’ll use the Au Naturale Cosmetics more along the high points of my face to help give my look dimension (tops of cheeks, middle of forehead, bridge of nose, chin).

Shadows top to bottom, L to R: Vanilla Bean, Bling, Rockstar, Hipster, Bedrock, Moondust, Prom Night Blush: Spell Bound

Last up are the color-bits! I forgot to snap a solo-shot of Lipstick Queen’s Oxymoron Matte Gloss, but this color can be used for lips and/or cheeks. It’s pretty simple, and worked well with my cream-foundation routine. As for powders, I was PRETTY obsessed with Makeup Geek shadows & one of their single blushes. Although I used my entire palette, I tended to reach for the colors above the most. Vanilla Bean was always a base color/ transition color to help fade the outer edges of a color into beautiful nothingness. Bling & Rockstar were my all-over-the-lid-go-tos, and the remaining 4 on the bottom where what I used to mix it up in the crease/ outer corner. Also, to give me variety in blush options, I used Spell Bound for a backup blush, as it’s a lighter pink color in comparison to Lipstick Queen‘s “Minor Crisis“.

The rest of my monthly favs routine is pretty simple- my “Rage” was that I discovered I have a slight allergic reaction to mangos (I can still eat it, but I have to be careful not to let my lips touch the rind/pit or I’ll get a reaction on my lips ToT). As for “Craves“, I’ll be sure to share those in my next FsRCs bc they’re starting to grooow! Anyways, sorry again for the blog-form of my monthly favs, but I hope this will hold y’all over until June wraps up!!






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